Professional Matcher(The Founder – Debbie Dubickas)

Debbie Dubickas

Having worked within the Recruitment Industry, Human Resources and as a Life Coach, Debbie founded “Professional Matcher” purely by accident. As a trained and certified Hypnotherapist, many of Debbie’s clients came to her to either get over a relationship/divorce or to feel more positive within a relationship. Some in fact, to over come their fears of commitment that was holding them back from getting into a meaningful and loving relationship.

All in all, the continuous feedback from many was that they felt the need to source help in finding a partner. Many being “cash rich, time poor”, lacking confidence, having lost trust in the online dating scene or scared in making the self sabotaging choices they may have made in the past.

As years went by, Debbie had matched couples in her mind yet for confidentiality reasons, could not do anything about it. The idea then got stronger and stronger and her need to help people find love moved from being a possibility to a reality. Once the thought of this becoming real, more and more clients were drawn to her and requested that she find them a match.

In all business opportunities, Debbie asked herself “Why”? Why Professional Matcher? The answer was simple, there was a need for the service where trust, respect and honesty were key contributors in forming a solid business foundation. This would be a progression from the service she already provided clients with as a Life Coach/Hypnotherapist.

Second question had to be “How”? This is where the 6 months of researching the Competition came about. How could we give extra value to our service? With Debbie’s experience working with clients to change their way of thinking, the concept of “Clear Mind, Open Heart” kicked in. This service could not be delivered only by online profiling, yet on a personal level in getting to know who you are as a client, and who you are looking for as a match.

Debbie then looked at her own life experience with relationships and realized that relationships work as long as both want the same things from it. Whether it be friends, lovers, soul mates, companionship or marriage, everyone loves differently from the way they know how. At times it is the expectations we put on our relationships that cause us the most hurt – Debbie believes that nobody has to change for anybody else, but change for themselves if they choose to do so. Having an honest, loving and passionate relationship is what we all deserve BUT FIRST we need to have that within.

As a Professional Matcher, we follow the client’s DESIRE treating everyone with EQUALITY and work with them to BELIEVE they are worthy and deserving of having the relationship they desire.



How do I know I am going to find a match?

Nothing is guaranteed, however, You are what you attract. Coming from the heart you are ready and open to meet your potential match.

So how exactly does this work?

You need to decide whether you want to join as a Selectee and therefore be available TO BE MATCHED or you may decide to be a Selector and purchase our Match Making Team to source suitable Selectees for you.

Does this process have to be done in person?

Certainly not, with the age of technology being what it is - the whole process of, initial interview, clearance and verification, clearing the mind and selecting a match can all be done from the comfort of your own home. Cash rich and time poor clients allow the professional matcher to work around them. Our clients are our priority no matter what their circumstance.

Will my information be on the Web?

No - we are not an online matching site. We are a personal match making business.

How does the initial meet up happen with the Selectee and Selector ?

We meet with the Selector and process the registration. We then come up with possible Selectees. We communicate with both Selectee and Selector to ensure they are happy to meet up. Each will have been shown a picture of their match as first impressions (visible attraction) we understand is important along with the personalty match. We then offer an initial meeting through chat - either in person or over the phone.

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