Cash Rich, Time Poor

Money-rich, time-poor is an expression which arose in Britain at the end of the 20th century to describe groups of people who, whilst having a high disposable income through well-paid employment, had relatively little leisure time as a result. This phrase is still in use today.

Debbie Dubickas, Founder of Professional Matcher, is from Great Britain and knows the meaning of the phrase. This may play out by not having the time to find your ideal match. To coin this phrase, let us do the work for you and at the same time keep up to date with our progress.

We understand too well the commitment one can make to their career/business yet we all have human needs to want to give and receive love.

Do you…
• Constantly feel rushed
• Feel like there’s too much to do
• Have trouble sleeping
• Take few breaks or holidays
• Have little unscheduled/unstructured time
• Feel stressed out
• Feel worn out/exhausted
• Have the sense that your days fly by quickly (“It’s March already?!”)
If so, you may be suffering from time poverty.

Let Professional Matcher use their time and skills to work on your behalf in finding you your perfect match.

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