Relationships of Convenience or Love ?

We are living in a world where we trick ourselves and the people we are with—at different points in our lives—into believing that the love we are getting is all the love that we are worth; that it is all the love that is available and that we should be grateful for the little that we get. We are tricksters because we want the envelope of safety to be on our side. We want to be the ones with the advantage in a relationship. And so, we don’t love or let someone love us wholeheartedly because of the dangers of falling beyond the point of no return. And then, we complain about the idea of love being flawed, illusive and non-existent altogether. We basically blame one of the most innocent and pure forces in the world for all our deeds of preventing the force from acting. We blame love for our lack of it.

We commit ourselves to relationships that are not based on a love that binds and attracts, but, are based on safety, advantage and comfort zones. We no longer seek relationships of love; we seek relationships of conveniences. And whether you believe it or choose to deny this, at some point in your life, or at all points, all of you have resorted or are still resorting to this. Why? Simple, it’s the easy way out. Aren’t we always looking for shortcuts, anyway?
What Is A Relationship Of Convenience

It’s a relationship in which you are only there for the safety blanket it offers you—emotional, financial, or even and sometimes, mostly physical. Most of us have been with someone for way too long because we’re just not ready to put ourselves out there again. It doesn’t matter if a person comes along and questions all our decisions so far. We’ve gotten too comfortable to start over; therefore, we’re ruining our chances of experiencing love in its truest forms. We’re afraid of social obligations—what would your friends think if you started dating that girl because she’s just too bold to be around? We’re too used to being pampered and taken care of to step out and do it for ourselves or someone else. We’re okay with being in a relationship where love is a choice and has a reason, than being in a relationship where love was never a choice and it has no rhyme or reason. But that’s the relationship we need to be in!

Love is never meant to have a reason, at all. If you look at the person you’re with and you can count the reasons you love them, you don’t love them at all. You’re in the wrong relationship. You are meant to be with someone you love just because. Love doesn’t come with a warning, or a disclaimer. It doesn’t come with rhyme, or reason. It just happens. It is not something you can quantify, calculate or even control. And more often than not, we give up on that love because it’s just too scary and intimidating to embrace. We’re so used to having everything under control—our finances, our lifestyles, our relationships, that we don’t want to be challenged anymore. We don’t want to be at the edge of the cliff because we don’t want to fall, even if the fall means we may start soaring higher than ever before. But, no. We’d rather just be rooted to wherever we are, become stagnant and let the chosen idea of love run stale and dry to the point where you start dwelling on the ‘what-if’s of the love you forbade yourself from.

We resort to one-night stands because they come with no background or foreground. We resort to no-strings-attached because we don’t want to be held responsible for the feelings that we may have ignited. We resort to friends with benefits because we don’t want to lose out on the advantages it has to offer. We resort to affairs and cheating because we’re not ready to set people free, out of fear of having to go out there and stand for something, or someone. We want the ties but we also want to be the ones holding a sharp-edged object to cut the ties at the first sign of fear, no matter how misplaced it is!

We live in denial and choose to remain oblivious. God help if we are made aware of what lies ahead; we are so overwhelmed, we don’t want to accept it. We don’t restrict the conveniences to relationships, of course. We’re stuck in jobs that pay our bills no matter how morose they make us as people; we are living in shambles because we don’t want society to judge us. And this trickles down to the most intimate parts of our hearts. This trickles down to the people we love, or choose not to. Sadly, it’s the ones that we often choose not to love who we really, truly madly and deeply love and desire with all our hearts and souls. But we’re too comfortable to let those desires be known and realized. We are too afraid to chase the people we love irrevocably and unconditionally. So, we choose the comfort zones over the magic; we choose the advantage over the impulse; we choose reason over happiness and we choose convenience over love.

But don’t you think it is time to truly live and love again ?

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