Our team of Matchers have undergone intense training with an emphasis on Confidentiality. This is vital to our success and the matchmaking service. We take it very seriously and all Selectors/Selectees, employees and third parties must sign a non-disclosure agreement. This measure ensures the protection of the identities of Selectors/Selectees as well as their privacy. We respect and protect privacy at the highest level.

We do not allow out Selector/Selectees to browse each other. We are not an online dating site/service. This ensures that our services are kept private, confidential and discreet. All matches are made by our Professional Matchers.

We will never publicize your information or photos without your written consent. Selectors, when choosing a Selectee, will have the right to look at the Selectee’s photo. In return the Selectee shall have permission to view the Selectors photo with their consent.

Your information and data will be handled with complete privacy and will be kept strictly confidential. We will never pass your details to any third parties.

As a selector or selectee you will be allocated your personal Matcher for you to be in regular contact with.

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