Are you over your EX ?


Being truthful, sets you free and I mean start with being truthful with yourself.  Are you still thinking about your ex every minute of every day, or every hour of every day, or in the morning and at night or do you constantly go over the “what if’s” in your head ?   If Yes, then I would say take more time to get over this.

When you feel you can think of your ex without getting emotional or going through the same stories over and over again, then you may be ready to move on.

At Professional Matcher, Debbie recommends to clients for them to look at the relationship that could have been and look for the lessons learnt from this relationship.  This is part of the growth process in all of us.  It may be you now know what you do not want in a relationship yet unsure of what you do want.  This is okay.  Maybe your ex has taught you the importance of meeting somebody who motivates you and has similar interests to you or maybe you realize you do not want to be the one who has to organize everything or make the decisions.  Maybe your maturity level has increased and you do not want so much to be in charge, but to share responsibilities.

Professional Matcher works with you to make up your “Do not want” List and your “Want” list in a relationship.  It maybe we recommend you to  focus on yourself for a while and enjoy some Independence to discover what you are looking for on your list.

Many people that are newly available feel this need to fill the void as quickly as possible. Being alone feels foreign, uncomfortable and scary. Try to recognize this. Don’t latch on to the next person that comes along simply because you can’t stand being alone. Most people who have reclaimed their freedom after a breakup have felt it was the best thing they could have done for themselves. It gives them time to focus on themselves and get to really know who they are.  The self-love and self worth kicks in.  Debbie believes the best marriage is one you have with yourself.  Get to know yourself, your flaws, your body, your mind and then discovering what you do not want in a relationship comes naturally as part of the process of evolving.  Only then you can truly know what you WANT in a relationship.

Ultimately, only you can determine whether or not you’re ready to start dating again. If you choose to, ease into it and keep things as casual as possible at first. At Professional Matcher, we are there for you.

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Are you over your EX ?

  Being truthful, sets you free and I mean start with being truthful with yourself. …

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